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The experiences offered to all of the children are based around a firm commitment to the following:

  • To encourage children to develop within the ethos of a faith- based  school where each person is valued and able to learn from mistakes through forgiveness
  • To provide a caring, safe environment in which each child can develop intellectually, physically, socially, spiritually, creatively and morally: where spirituality is seen as an important aspect of life and children are encouraged to see that there is more to life than the here and now
  • To develop and encourage high standards of achievement, self esteem and confidence
  • To develop knowledge and skills in order to fulfil the child’s own potential and encourage independence and inquiring minds
  • To recognise the needs of each individual child and provide the relevant learning activities
  • To ensure equal opportunities for all children
  • To encourage cooperation and an awareness of others’ needs
  • To develop responsibility for themselves and a care for material and living things


Do be gentle
Do not hurt anyone

Do be kind and helpful
Do not hurt other people’s feelings

Do work hard
Do not waste your or other people’s time

Do look after property
Do not waste or damage things

Do listen to people
Do not interrupt

Do be honest
Do not cover up the truth


Pupils behave well in the classroom and around the school.  
They are very helpful to each other.

Ofsted Report March  2014.